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Argenta Corporate Finance is a boutique financial advisory firm with presence in London & Athens and a focus on the Greek and Cypriot markets.

We specialise primarily in Mergers & Acquisitions and Debt restructuring transactions. We truly excel when these two angles converge.

We seek to act as a bridge between international institutional clients and local companies and management teams.

Our team comes from hybrid backgrounds with a unique fusion of experience from top-tier international banks, senior managerial positions in Greek banks, C-level positions in Greek blue chip companies and Big-4 firms.

We understand both “local and “global”.

We are proud to have originated and executed some of the most high profile transactions that have shaped the Greek market over the last 5 years.

years of combined professional experience




value of transactions


We are most effective when we work with professional and institutional people.

But we also enjoy working with people with unique and colourful personalities

We understand the intricacies of the Greek and Cypriot banking system and the local approach to financing and NPL restructurings

We thrive in an environment of complexity, whether it is structural, legal or operational.

We prefer not to work on plain-vanilla transactions, as we feel these are better suited for other firms.

We follow a senior-heavy hands-on approach and leave nothing to chance.

We value integrity and confidentiality and work hard to earn our client’s trust and rapport.

We seek to be efficient, surgical and effective, we understand that people’s time is life’s most valuable commodity.

We will fully align our interests with the interest of our clients and we will take transaction risks alongside them.

We do not put a limit on the amount of work delivered and we prefer not to be compensated until and unless we deliver superior results.

We operate across sectors, but have a special expertise in the hospitality industry having successfully advised on a number of high-profile transactions over the last 12 months.

Why Choose us

Track record

Our executives have been involved in the origination of some the largest and most high profile transactions in Greece over the past 5 years.


We thrive in complexity and we add most value when our transactions demand out of the box thinking, sophisticated structuring skills, complex documentation and effective management of multiple stakeholders.

Local & Global Combo

Although we are based in Greece and intrinsically understand the local environment, we bring decades of combined experience from top tier international banks in the US, United Kingdom and Germany.

We are hands-on

We devote senior resources on all our transactions and work tirelessly for our clients to achieve the desired results.